Urban Green Villa Residential Development


Type:  Residential and Retail Mixed-Use

Area: 165,000 SF

Location:  Seattle, WA




DPHS Hightech Campus


Type: R&D Center

Area: 488,000 SF

Location: New Taipei City, Taiwan



Golden Pedestal Exhibition Pavilion


Type: Residential Development Sales Office

Area: 4,500 SF

Location: Nanjing, China



Hanoi Golden Lotus Project


Type: Residential and Retail Mixed Use Project

Area: 1,140,000 SF

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam



Wanhua River Dance


Type: Residential and Retail Mixed Use Project

Area: 360,000 SF

Location: Taipei, Taiwan






Type: Casino Resort & Master Planning

Area: 322,000 SF

Location: Worley, ID USA

Proposed Casino Resort


Type: Casino Resort

Area: 525,000 SF

Location: Fresno, CA USA



Type: Office & Administration Building

Area: 90,000 SF

Location: Pendleton, OR USA

Cyber Street Animation Campus


Type: Digital Animation R&D Campus

Area: 372,000 SF

Location: Nanjing Xuzhuang Software Industrial Park,   China





Type: Casino, hotel and conference center

Area: 50,000 SF

Location: Ice Shena, WI  USA

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